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Dr. Fuentes --- Periodontist who is the subject of this matter

Some of these records need clarification

page 1 and 2 were not filled out by me as I originally made note of the osteoma and brought all my prior x-rays to show him.

Page 4 he refers to the osteomas as a exostosis or tori

page 6 for treatment plan says nothing about removing the bone but in Fuentes letter to Shetty he says he removed the exostosis and follow up letter pushes for more surgery in the other quadrants.

Page 7 -- 5/8/13 Osteoma crossed out and esostosis written above

Page 7 note on 6/26/13 something about "poor prognosis"

page 17 and 18 pocket on 12 was measured at 323-333 but a year later he measures it at 222-222 and no surgery performed on that tooth.

It's interesting that on Oct 2 2013 Dr Waki noted that gum was not attached, no mention of this from Fuentes from 9-9-2013 visit.

Page 13 Fuentes mailed decline letters I have copy in Shetty file but none from Fuentes

Page 16 no mention of exostosis removal in bill or in treatment plan. Only mentioned was occlusal adjustment. Never mentioned the removal of bone. He said osseous surgery is a pretty straight forward procedure that isn't overly invasive.

I never had other treatments for pockets, such as Scaling and Root Planing and a maintenance program. He bypassed these and went directly to LANAP

My tooth 14 has the bone cemented to the tooth with no gap possible to probe. Any pocket was between the bone and gum on the buccal side. Why would he be trying to do LANAP for this when there is no pocket between the bone and tooth?

I did not and do not have periodontal disease, yet he insisted on treating me for this. No other doctor say I have periodontal disease or need pockets addressed including my current and 3 other oral surgeons.

DR Fuentes consent form which I refused to sign because procedure outlined was not what I agreed to.
DR Shetty -- Dentist who referred patient to Perio
also includes letters from Fuentes asking him to push patient to have additional surgery

Post Surgery (in order of referral)

DR Bani -- Endodontist post surgery visit referred by DR Tom Dentist

DR Waki -- Periodontist diagnosed the condition to possible osteonecrosis referred by DR Tom Dentist
Note this was on 10-2-2013 not 2014

DR Radack -- Oral Surgeon, Post surgery evaluation referred by DR Waki

DR Stevens -- He has been my primary oral surgeon referred by DR Radack

DR Felsenfeld UCLA -- Post surgery evaluation, stated better to leave alone referred by DR Radack

DR Kotikian -- Oral Surgeon, Post surgery evaluation referred by Self

DR Tom -- General Dentistry, my primary dentist